Migrating any data center or moving applications to any cloud should be simple

Appmigrate reduces planning time by 70%

Map Your Applications in one Click

See all your servers, applications and dependencies in any environment, in a matter of just a few hours

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Why Appmigrate


Fast & Easy

Quick to setup and rapidly fast to deploy. no need for agents or credentials


Platform Agnostic

Discover dependencies and applications automatically regardless of platform


Visualize Your URLs

Now you can visualize your URLs in an application topology map in minutes

real time

Real Time

Application inventory is updated continuously and in real time


Zero Impact on Servers

The only technology that maps dependencies with no impact on system performance


Export to Any Format

Export your maps into spreadsheet or image for planning and presentations

Haim I.
Haim I.
Best discovery software
It show me the things I didnt know

 · Faddom shows you the full scope of every app in your organization. Which servers are talking to other etc. Youbrealy get visability to things you didng even know that are happening in your prod systems.

 · Nothing. The system works as expected
Change management
What if scenarios
Every time works great
Gary D.
Gary D.
Faddom in Action
Easy addressing Business impact regarding Business Critical applications. Very good integration options. Fast insight of dependancies by changes. Enrichment of Configuration Management.

 · - Ease of Use
- Rich functionality
- Make decision making easy regarding Impact on Critical Applications
- Excellent Support and fast response
- Short implementation traject

 · - User Interface and graphical presentation could be more fancier and graphical representation more of what other vendors are offering
Zeev V.
Zeev V.
Excellent IT mapping tool
The company product and support is very good

 · The tool provides valuable insights fast that are very hard to get from other tools , specifically when trying to analyze cloud network costs

 · The product automatic provisioning in the cloud can be improved
Gabor K.
Gabor K.
Faddom Review GK
Not in production yet.

 · Easy to implement even in complex Virtualized environment.

 · Feature covering advanced features like DB schema location, Agent based discovery option for higher customizability & Azure support.
Matan N.
Matan N.
Great Product

 · Mapping and Analyzing AWS Data Transfer ! !

 · nothing. great company, great peolpe, great product.

Moving to the cloud? Your migration plan should be easy and immediate

For many organizations, Amazon web services has become the primary choice for new applications and a logical target for migrations. with all the benefits AWS provides it also presents multiple performance, operational, architectural and cost considerations.

Appmigrate enables you safely accelerate your migration to AWS and ensures you get the best performance, cost and compliant once you're there

New! Now you can export your applications into AWS migration hub at a click of a button.

How it Works

Step One:

Download Appmigrate agentless VM

Step Two:

Deploy Appmigrate with your VM environment

Step Three:

See all applications & dependencies grouped by business applications in real time

No Blind Spots

vnt example

Unlike discovery solutions that are agent based, Appmigrate finds every part of your application infrastructure.

We simplify the process of migrating assets from your data center to the public,private or hybrid cloud. this enables you to efficiently assess and model workloads for your migration.

We've got you covered - now you can plan the workload migration with complete confidence. No blind spots ever.

Reap all the benefits of Appmigrate:


Discover servers in and out of scope - no server is left behind regardless of platform


Ensure applications aren't broken as you move them to the cloud


Right size your cloud instances to reduce cost or optimize performance


Continuously update applications and workloads during migrations in real-time


Get a 100% accurate, quick to build application map with no need for credentials or agents